Lab.Testing Equipment for Plastic, Rubber and Cable
Universal TensileTesting Machine - Twin Column
Tensile Machine
Tensile Tester
Tensile Tester Machine
Universal TensileTesting Machine - Siingle Column
Hand Operated Tensile Testing Machine
Hydraulic Universal Tensile Testing Machine
Melt Flow Index Tester
Izod Impact Tester
Limiting Oxygen Index Apparatus
Smoke Density Apparatus
Halogengas Test Apparatus
VST / HDT Apparatus
Extensometer for UTM Machine
Melting Point Apparatus
ESCR Test Apparatus
Dart Impact Tester
Muffle Furnace
Vacuum Oven
Constant Temperature Water Bath
Rectangular Hot Plate
Round Hot Plate
Hot Air Oven
Specimen Cutting Punches And Press
Environmental Stress Cracking Tester
Torsion tester for insulators
Bend Rebend Machine
Multi Cell Ageing Oven
Equipments for Cable Testing
Fertilizer Briquetter

  Tensile Testing Machine


Shanta Engineering established in 1978, started manufacturing testing equipment for Plastic, Rubber, Cables & Metals, some Eight Years back & now is one of the renowned manufacturers of testing equipments.

With a group of experienced & talented personnel together our design & development of machine / instruments are at par with the imported testing equipments on quality basis.

Manufacturers of : Laboratory Testing Equipments and Briquetter

 Tensile Testing Machine, Electronic Universal Testing Machines

Shanta Engineering Universal Testing Machines are electro mechanical machine with digital display of load & displacement & pulley belt system for changing speeds.

The machines are designed for testing various materials like rubber, plastic, cable, leather, paper, plywood and metal. Tension, compression, bend and flexural tests can be performed on these machines with suitable grips and fixtures.

 The machines are powder coated for elegant look. The critical components are plated for rust prevention and durability.

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